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The school boarding is for 110 places where all necessary conditions for accommodation, nutrition and the organization of teaching and educational work are created.

The dining room is for100 seats.



Boarding school watch



A hall between boarding and school is constructed to children freely pass from the building of a boarding school into school without outerwear.



The living room for kids



All conditions for studying are created in rooms



The living room for seniors



Shower and washing rooms are equipped on each floor



Relaxing spots are equipped on floors



Pupils of a boarding school are under constant medical observation. The medical aid station, the insulator, a procedural office is equipped.



Tutors regularly held thematic educational discussions, organize festivals and concert programs, the council of a boarding school designed to help teachers with management and the organization of extracurricular activity.



The staff of a boarding school has created the favorable atmosphere, a coziness; the help in preparation for lessons, rehearsals, and the help of seniors to younger are organized.